Blog series virtual events (6/7): Less travel, space and marketing costs

The fact that not all guests and event participants have to travel to a certain location already means considerable cost savings for the company or event manager. In addition, the choice of venue is based on the purpose and budget of the event, not the participants, and this would reduce flexibility. Virtual events thus allow you to save on space, transport, catering, accommodation and, last but not least, CO2 emissions.

  • Less travel costs
  • Less room costs: choice of venue is based on the event budget and the purpose of the event, not the guests
  • Marketing efforts and budget are limited exclusively to online measures

Virtual events drastically reduce the overall costs or the expenses for planning and implementing your event. You save on personnel, the venue or the rooms, assembly and dismantling, hotels for the participants, catering, travel costs and much more. The only thing you have to worry about as an event manager is the cost of the virtual event platform and the corresponding marketing measures, which are largely limited to digital tools.

Virtual events have low marketing and operating costs. Your marketing efforts and budget will be almost exclusively limited to online activities. No banners or printing costs are necessary - it's all digital. The financial aspect is complemented by the control over the ROI due to SEO or email marketing.

Thus the virtual execution of events and webinars can also help to organise money for the larger events of the year with a larger number of interested parties. It is also valuable to provide a virtual or even hybrid option when travel costs are a major concern for participants. The virtual alternative can also be used in the event of bad weather, a travel ban or force majeure, which means that the event does not have to be cancelled altogether.

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