Blog series virtual events (4/7): Interaction via online & offline channels

Events create space for interactions and content of all kinds, which shape the society - whether offline or online. By combining the two worlds and their interaction possibilities, all channels and even people can be reached and accessed. By means of surveys, chats and Q&A's, questions and opinions can be asked before, but also during and after the event. In this way it is possible to respond optimally to the participants on site, but also to those with virtual access. Because especially with this new type of event, communication and the digital experience of the participants is very important. 

  • Possibilities of interaction and communication between all participants, whether offline or online
  • New communication channels create new opportunities
  • Surveys, chats and Q&A's during, before and after the online event

The interaction with other guests and the interest in the topic are probably the most important reasons why many people attend events at all. Especially on a business level, the exchange and meeting with other experts, customers and partners and asking questions is a crucial activity during the event. The integration of interaction possibilities across all channels can thus also give a virtual event the appropriate attractiveness. Instagram with the possibility of surveys in stories already shows how well social media works and how significantly engagement can increase compared to comments or similar tools.

Digital events therefore offer many opportunities to add such interactions to the viewer's experience. As an organiser, you can receive feedback or questions, among other things. Depending on the timing of the interaction, the organiser can use this information to optimally prepare for the guests, exchange information with them during the event and learn for future events afterwards.

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