Blog series virtual events (3/7): Attractiveness for sponsors

The wide reach makes a hybrid component even more attractive for sponsors or companies. They are visible not only to the physical participants of the event, but also to the digital participants. And not only during the live experience, but also in the future through video recordings. Combined with the fact that a hybrid event or live stream can also generate coverage, for example via social media, a hybrid event is one of the most attractive offers for sponsors.

  • Visibility of sponsors for physical and digital participants
  • Long-term visibility by recording the event
  • Extending reach by sharing via social media
  • Valuable data and information

Virtual events may not offer all the sponsorship opportunities we are used to, but there are many online tools to use and content to offer that both sponsors and participants will appreciate. In addition, virtual events offer valuable data for you and your sponsors. Try to apply sponsorship measures that you would normally offer to your online event. Especially interactive content such as surveys, competitions and gamification enable important feedback and an increased loyalty to the sponsors.

Online events make it easy to analyse the results and therefore offer valuable information to prove the ROI. This includes user data such as clicks, comments and opening rates. This data can be easily analysed and then used to make necessary improvements for future events. Many of these benefits do not apply to physical events and ensure that digital sponsorship has a future after Covid-19.

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