Blog series virtual events (7/7): New technological possibilities

The connection between the live and online audiences poses a major challenge. Technological possibilities and digital tools, which can be made applicable through an event management software with corresponding interactive functions, can help here. On the one hand, more data can be collected, which is the basis for personalisation and automation, and on the other hand, more targeted networking can be achieved, for example through participant lists and chat functions. 

From automation and data collection to event insights: Event management technology gives you, the organiser, the opportunity to improve the participant experience and prove the ROI of your event. Among other things, upcoming events can be quickly and easily optimised based on feedback from all participants through digital Q&As and polls.

Participant data is easier to measure

With virtual events you will not only receive more feedback from the participants, but also a variety of different key figures which will help you to plan future events. These metrics include the actual number of virtual participants in a session, the participation at a specific time or the speakers with the highest engagement rate during the virtual event.

Would you like to know how your event looked and performed 3 years ago? 

The available historical data, from the results of the digital surveys to the impact on sales after the virtual event, can be viewed retrospectively at any time. Data is necessary and ultimately crucial in making decisions about future events. This applies to both, virtual and physical events.

Virtual events are easier to manage

Online events give you more control over the day ahead. There is no need for logistics, equipment or training of staff on site. In addition, you know your visitors better because of the data from previous events and can tailor the content to the interests of your customers. This not only enables you to create a personalised and unforgettable event experience, but also reduces the no-show rate of your virtual event.

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