The event management software for personalised guest experiences

Automate event organisation, save time on guest management and create first-class events in your branding. With a focus on corporate grade security, evenito is the right event software for medium-sized and large companies.

Tired of wasting time on the organisational parts of event planning?

Automate event processes such as the guest management with the help of an event management software and start focusing on the important parts of event planning.


What makes evenito unique

Organise & manage any type of event in just a few clicks. All by yourself

Combine automated processes with the simplest of interfaces to create events in just a few minutes.

  • Guest management & communication
  • Flexible registration forms
  • Event analytics
  • Drag & drop website builder
  • Event templates & tasks

    Everything you need to run your next hybrid or virtual event. All on one platform

    Streamline the event creation for any kind of event by only using one tool to set-up & manage your entire event portfolio.

  • Video streaming of your choice
  • Advanced video conferencing
  • Personalised agenda
  • Integrated attendance management
  • Virtual & physical check-in

    Build your own brand experience across the whole event lifecycle

    Incorporate your own look and feel and customise your event appearance. Create a lasting impression with a fully branded and personalised event experience.

  • Advanced white labeling
  • Custom domains
  • Build your corporate identity & design
  • Group specific communication
  • Personalised email content


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    Discover the future of
    event management

    We revolutionise event management: Never before has the handling of your events been so easy, so fast and at the same time so flexible. Leverage the power of an all-in-one event platform to manage & run your all your events.


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    See what our customers think

    "I love how evenito saves me time with all the guest management. It's very easy for me to analyze who appeared at my event. I also like the fact that I can introduce many personalized invitations as well as automated processes in just a few clicks."
    "Very easy to use, thanks to the tool the whole event organisation became very time efficient including email communication, website and even event feedback collection and statistics."
    "Very professional, dynamic team that developed an intuitive and user-friendly tool. I highly recommend it."
    "Unbeatable, motivated and very helpful service! User friendly/easy handling, logical structure, with helpful templates."
    "m4music Festival is receiving more than 1'000 professionals which are invited and administrated with Evenito. We have a complex structure considering the various sorts of participants, and get very dedicated support by the Evenito team. The festival has improved a lot when receiving the guests on the festival site, because check in is much easier than it used to be."
    "A super cool tool that helps to handle your events and to have a great overview! The customer support team is very motivated, always friendly and reacts fast! You can reunite different aspects in one tool, so the management is facilitated. It is easy to use.There are some cool extra functions! Very helpful reading the statistics."
    "I am happy to work with evenito. The tool is easy to use and the Support is just great. There are many advantages: The easy usability and that it saves you a lot of work. It makes the guest handling very easy. The RSVP is personalized (In the innovations as well as on the Event Website). Cool extra functions as the Live Photo Report."
    "We have every year a big event. So last time we decided to do digital version for the invitation. The people were so happy because it was easy to sign in. The app was also easy and it worked wonderful."

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