Blog series virtual events (1/7): Reach new dimensions

In our everyday life we are already moving between two worlds - the online and offline world. While mobile phones have so far attracted the attention of participants in live events, they can now and in the future be integrated and become an important component between these two worlds. Accordingly, the reach, interactivity and communication within the scope of events can be increased through multimedia. Guests from all over the world can now virtually participate in digital events, even if they cannot be physically present. If the time or date of the event does not suit them, its recording can be viewed afterwards and also shared with the target group.

Events create brand awareness and offer customers the opportunity to learn, grow and meet other people. All this can also be done with a virtual event, even on a much larger scale. If the virtual experience is optimally set up, you can even mobilise your online audience to loyal brand fans from all over the world.

"You don't have to shake hands to network."
Interaction possibilities let your participants (whether online or physically present) actively participate at the event.

For example, surveys before, during and after the event give your audience the feeling that the virtually presented topic is tailored to their needs. In addition, event organisers can communicate and interact live with the target group. No matter which medium is used, communication can be just as interactive via technical means. This reduces the no-show rate and the desired number of participants can be reached.

The recording possibilities of the events, live streaming options and on-demand sessions are what keeps your hybrid events alive after the actual event. These can later be shared via all channels (including social media), which can then be clicked, liked and shared. In this way, an audience is addressed with a specific topic that is far larger than any stadium could ever be. Every chat, every interview and every presentation is thus accessible online.

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