Start holding events again with contact tracing  

Your all-in-one solution that helps you plan, organise & execute events during coronavirus. Adhere to highest attendee traceability standards and offer a contactless check-in/out process in times of COVID-19.

Why you need a contact tracing solution

Gather all relevant guest data
Collect data of your attendees in case of an infection
Overview your guests in real time
Trace your attendees with the check-in & check-out function
Separate guests into event divisions
Gain control over your guests & adhere to hygiene standards

Check-in & Check-out

Offer a 3 second contactless check-in process

Reduce queueing in times of COVID-19 with our secure one-scan check-in & check-out functionality. Ensure full traceability of your guests and always know where your guests were during the event to assure public health.


Get the necessary data needed to ensure traceability

Ask individual questions to gather all the personal information needed in times of COVID-19. Cover everything from workshop booking to seating plans and enforce maximum guest numbers. Ensure high data quality with a secure verification process.

Guest management & communication

Manage and oversee your guests all in one place

Import attendee lists from existing excel files and easily separate your audience into different groups, sectors, workshops, seat allocations and more. Use templates to quickly communicate and add individual or group specific information such as links or QR codes.

Event website

Build your own landing page in seconds

Build your own and personalised event website with just a few clicks. Easily add all necessary information such as registration forms, event information, or safety concepts with ease.

Event analytics & data security

Access your event data and act on it

Manage all collected data and analyse it when needed. Export attendee lists and send it to authorities if necessary. Your data is managed in our secure database in Switzerland which holds several renowned certificates.

How contact tracing works for your guests

1. Visit website
Find all event information
2. Provide data
Fill in personal data
3. Verification
Get individual QR code
4. Check-in
Check-in with QR code
5. Admission
Enjoy the event
6. Check-out
Check-out with QR code

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