Get the event analytics you need to improve your event

Our event management dashboard and analytics data provides you with the tools you need to understand your audience and act on it – all in one place. 

Understand what's working for your event

Insights you can act on
Track guest activities throughout the event lifecycle
Keep track of all your tasks
Define & manage all your tasks in the event center
Measure & optimise your performance
Continuously improve based on real data insights


Real time event analytics at a glance

We give you the tools you need to manage and track your event performance. Gain a real-time overview of your event with our guest activity-feed and sign-up statistics. Track activity throughout the entire event lifecycle.

Task manager

Never miss a task

Organising events can be a stressful puzzle. evenito helps you define, structure & manage all your event related tasks in one place. Connect the tasks with the needed functionalities, set due dates and find them structured on your event timeline ready to be completed.

Event timeline

Keep track of your event timeline

When organising an event, many strings have to come together. Our event center & timeline ties together all of the moving parts and provides you with the overview you need. See all tasks, scheduled email communications as well as the event schedule on the event timeline.

Guest overview

Stay focused on your guests

Never lose sight of your guest list. Have a complete overview of all important guest data. Keep an eye on guest management by reviewing attendance lists, registration or check-in status.

Email tracking

Measure your email performance

Our email marketing tool gives you the insights you need to analyse your email effectiveness and act on it. Measure the success of your email campaign by tracking pending, declined or registration rates.

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