Say goodbye to queues with our event check-in app

Make the first impression count. Welcome your guests with our check-in app as well as an on-site badge print solution and ensure a seamless registration experience for your guests.

Offer the digital check-in experience customers expect

Reduce the check-in time
Cut down queueing time per guest to only a few seconds
Improve registration security
Monitor guests in real time and boost security control
Elevate attendee experience
Scan QR codes and streamline registration process

Check-in app

Offer a 3 second check-in process

Say goodbye to paper based check-ins and reduce queueing times with our digital check-in functionality. Download the evenito check-in app, scan ticket QR codes or search your guest list digitally and radically improve the check-in experience.

Check-in overview

Have complete freedom over your guest list

evenito offers you several functionalities to always be on top of your guest list. Filter by categories & registration status, track real time check-in’s, verify registered companions, add new guests, and much more. We help you with all processes to streamline your guest event experience and ensure easy guest management.

Online & offline synchronisation

Never miss a guest

No matter whether you’re connected to the internet or not, we’ll help you shine. With real time synchronisation of your guests, you always have everything under control.

See everything
our check-in app has to offer

Automate & professionalise badge printing

manual work
Save time and reduce errors with automated processes
Streamline event preparation
Save time preparing badges with printing functionalities
Leave a memorable on-brand event experience

Badge design

Experience complete design freedom

We provide you with the tools you need to both customise and individualise your event badges, to ensure design cohesion with your event website. Design on-brand badges and add dynamic content placeholders from your evenito guest list to automate & personalise the badge print process. Offer unique personalization for every guest category.

Onsite badge print

Increase event efficiency and professionalism

Save hours of manually setting up and preparing your event badges. Only prepare badges from registered guests and bulk print those in alphabetical order directly from evenito. Optionally print badges, on-the-go, as participants arrive.

Badge usages

Profit from our multi-use badge format

From name tags, lanyards or badge pins, you select the badge format that works for you. Whatever your requirement, we have it covered.

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