The event registration and ticketing software which lets you create events as unique as you are

Whether you’re looking to build a personalised registration process and integrate your own corporate design, or want to track participant attendance in real-time, you can do it all within our fully flexible registration and ticketing tool.

Create your very own event registration experience

Tailor make your process
Build a registration process which fits your needs
Personalise the event experience
Surprise your guests with a personalised registration process
Automate your registration
Streamline everything from registration to confirmation email

Registration form builder

Custom build a registration process which fits your needs

Cover complex event registration processes with our easy to use RSVP builder. Choose between pre-defined questions or create them yourself. Add triggers or limits to question answers and tailor the full registration form to your needs.

Set rules & limits

Have control over your registration process

Enjoy complete freedom when it comes to defining your registration process. Set your event registration to private or make it open to everyone. Add actions and limits and auto-assign registration rules. All to help you streamline your registration process.

Simplified guest registration

Simplify your registration process & profit from automations

Existing data is pre-filled for your guests and makes it easy for them to confirm attendance. Attendees can modify, cancel, and change their answers with ease. Registration answers are linked to your email sendings and trigger emails to your guests depending on their answers.

Ticket types

Have control over your ticket types

Every event has its own exclusive guest or ticket types. With evenito you can create different ticket types, assign them different prices, define max number of tickets and availability dates (such as early bird or student tickets). Add custom fields and personalize them with individual participant details and QR codes.

Methods of payment

Collect ticket payments in every major payment platform

There shouldn’t be a limit when it comes to payment, right? With evenito you have the freedom to offer one or multiple payment methods, providing your guests the possibility to pay with every established payment processing platform. Streamline everything from ticket purchase, billing and delivery.

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