Create lasting stream
& video conferences

Leverage the power of an integrated virtual event platform to manage & run your online events. Digitise your events with multiple high-quality streams and break-out sessions and empower collaboration throughout your virtual event.

Professionalize your virtual event experience

Choose your streaming format
Choose between streams, break-out sessions or few-to many streaming formats
Ensure traceability
Gain control over your guests with our check-in function
Simple online event setup
Create lasting event experiences with just a few clicks

Embed streams

Integrate the stream of your choice

Integrate high-quality broadcast streaming such as vimeo, youtube or any other streaming provider of your choice. Integrate pre-recorded streams and run multiple recordings with different content at the same time to thousands of participants.

Virtual many-to-many meeting

Leverage our integrated video conferencing solution

Build an integrated break out session experience with versatile and proven meeting formats and take advantage of an advanced video conferencing technology. Have the possibility to pre-define break-out sessions for dedicated groups and shape the perfect environment for attendees to connect and network.

Few-to-many streaming

Stream any conversation to thousands of participants

If you want to broadcast a small group of moderators or a plenum to a large audience you will need a streaming solution. Our easy-to-use few-to-many streaming will empower you without any technical knowledge to do exactly that. Enjoy no boundaries in reaching your audience.

Empower interaction

Bring your audience closer together with different interaction possibilities

Profit from advanced meeting moderation and let participants raise hands, talk & share screen. Have full moderator control by muting or removing participants. Let guests chat & interact in schedule item specific chat rooms for a more targeted discussion.

Production partners

Integrate high end streaming production support

Our experienced and professional production partners (Dreicast, Habegger, xtendx) are at hand to help you with production support and technical implementation at every step of the way. They offer a wide range of services to fit your event needs and integrate directly into all of our services.

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