Easy administration & allocation of ticket contingents with Hospitality Management

Allocate your event tickets to hosts & partners or let them book tickets themselves. Give them the freedom to manage and invite guests themselves. Save time & administrative effort and take the management of your events to a new level.

Streamline the distribution of your ticket allocations 

Allocate & manage contingents
Distribute your event tickets easily to selected partners
Build booking pages for ticket sales
Create individual booking pages for each event
Define the visibility of your events
Make events public or tailor booking options to each host

Booking page

Empower ticket ordering with simple booking pages

Create booking pages as easily as event websites. Event information can be integrated and made accessible for the desired period and for specific people. For hosts and partners, booking tickets becomes as simple as possible!


Manage ticket bookings & allocations across multiple hosts

Manage and handle your ticket contingencies with ease. Allocate tickets to hosts or let hosts book them directly. Further, give hosts the independence to manage their ticket contingencies and empower them to upload guest data and assign tickets themselves.

Event calendar

Provide an overview of all events for which tickets can be purchased

With the event calendar, you give selected hosts an overview and the possibility to purchase tickets. Steer visibility and choose which host can see which events and allow an optimal planning of your event tickets.

Host platform

Give your hosts a platform to manage their guests

With our host platform, we support the management of your hosts' contacts. Each host can independently upload, manage and invite contacts and register them for events. This way, each host retains complete control over their guest list without having access to the contacts of other hosts.

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