Offer state-of-the-art & hybrid audience interaction

Successful hybrid events depend on audience  engagement and interaction. Drive interaction with our integrated chat, Q&A and polling functionalities. Create engaging events no matter if virtual or physical.

Enable audience interaction & create a lasting experience

Live polling
Capture the opinions of the audience in real-time
Q&A Software
Moderate & answer incoming guest questions
Live chat
Let attendees engage and interact

Live polling

Let your guests have an active part at your event

Conduct live polls and show guests the results in real time. Empower speakers & moderators to use attendee responses to be part of their presentation, helping you to provide a more engaging and active experience.


Let attendees engage & interact in real time

Enhance guest involvement & interaction at your event by offering an integrated event and session chat. Empowering your guests to interact, share opinions, and collaborate.

Moderated Q&A

Moderate & publish the questions of your choice

Take control over the conversation of your event. Let your attendees post questions during the event. The moderators decide whether the questions can be answered privately, made publicly available to all participants and event be upvoted by other guests.

Audience Engagement Control

Build the interaction that fits to your event

Enjoy full control over your engagement and interaction possibilities. You decide whether and where you want to enable polling, Q&A or chat. Engage audiences with the features of your choice all from one place.

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