8 Corona Event Tips: The checklist for events in times of COVID-19

Step by step Europe is moving towards normality. Many countries have now relaxed their protective measures, which the event industry is particularly pleased about. Prerequisites for this: guest lists, protection concepts and compliance with the rules of hygiene and conduct. It is not easy to comply with such protective measures, but with this checklist we give you some tips and tricks to help you implement your event.

With these 8 tips, you will implement your event in times of COVID-19 according to the protective measures:

1. Traceability of event participant    

Even one unrecorded, potentially infected participant could infect several people in the immediate contact circle. A complete traceability of event participants must therefore be covered by a protection concept. With the evenito Event Dashboard, the organizer always knows who is actually on the premises. By means of professional guest management, event organizers can keep track of real-time attendance lists, ticket types, programs and much more. 

2. Maximum number of participants & automatic waiting list  

Until further notice, there are restrictions on the number of attendees per event. In order to enforce an exact number of guests, maximum numbers of participants and automated waiting lists help with registration. This allows organizers to get the most out of the already limited events.

3. Private events & invitations

To further limit the maximum number of people at the event, you can also limit participation by sending invitations. Personal invitations with an individual QR code help to ensure comprehensive access control.

4. Seat allocation

A properly implemented protection concept also includes the traceability of seats. By means of guest management tools, the seat number can be assigned to each guest by means of an individual data field. In this way, all processes and, if necessary, also access routes can be (pre-)defined and large accumulations and ambiguities can be prevented. 

5. Real-time event check-in

To ensure that neither employees nor guests are endangered, the booking and access to the event should be as contact-free as possible. Say goodbye to paper-based admission controls and shorten waiting times with digital check-in functions. Install the evenito check-in app, scan the QR code on the ticket or check the guest list digitally. In this way, you not only ensure contactless admission, but also an all-round successful, fast check-in experience. To ensure that only authorized persons enter the premises, the QR code is checked before entry.

6. Subevents, break-outs & agenda      

By means of individual and pre-bookable periods, break-outs or sessions, groups of participants can be adapted in a targeted and flexible manner, depending on the currently permitted number of participants. Be it for a workshop or a discussion, for example. The participants can also be classified into different guest categories (VIP, speakers, employees, etc.), so that they can be handled individually. 

7. Fast & agile communication      

Almost weekly we receive news and information about new protection measures and regulations. Also before, during or after the event there may be a need for adjustments or information, which we want to communicate to the participants as soon as possible. With evenito, these can be switched live or sent within seconds via personalised e-mails or e-mail templates and via the website. With an email dashboard you can keep track of the entire analysis of the effectiveness of your email outcomes.

8. Professionalism at online events          

Maybe your event is too big to be physically carried out or you are not sure yet if the time for physical events has already come. Online events are a great  and effective alternative. Events can either be completely digital or hybrid - i.e. physical and online. In all cases, clear communication as well as a personal and unique invitation to the online event is essential to avoid double participation. This way, you can track physically as well as online who has attended the event. 


A completely digital guest and event management is more important than ever due to the Coronavirus. An all-in-one event management tool such as evenito helps you to implement official requirements quickly and without much effort and to provide a complete protection concept. So event organisers are not burdened by additional  organisational effort and can therefore concentrate on the safe execution of the long-awaited physical events in times of the Coronavirus.

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