What is event management software and how can it support me?

Being an event manager is considered one of the most stressful jobs in the world. The tasks include the coordination of events for several thousand attendees that take place the day after tomorrow. Creating a high-tech event with the budget of a child's birthday party and designing new, inspiring events that have never been seen before. During the organisation of events, strict deadlines that have to be met and many different wishes and ideas have to be fulfilled.

Event managers have to deal with various stakeholders, an enormous amount of administrative work and therefore less time for the creativity that is so important to create an unforgettable event experience. Manual processes, the use of various tools or extra requests in the registration phase result in a loss of overview even for the best event managers. A number of manual processes lead to inefficiency and insufficient or unavailable data quality. This results in an increased error rate and ultimately a negative event experience. If event managers are not provided with the right resources, it is almost impossible to run an event successfully and efficiently at the same time!

This is how event management software can support you

Event management software is a holistic platform that supports you in the planning, organisation, implementation and follow-up of events. An event software combines several important tools. It enables you to create unique events, reduce the administrative effort, give you more time for the creative aspects of event planning and lastly create a sustainable event experience for your attendees.

7 reasons why event software helps make your next event unique

1. Organise events from a single source

The all-in-one platform covers all your important event processes in one intuitive tool for a professional physical, virtual and/or hybrid event. From personalised event websites to customised emails and virtual & hybrid events, the software of evenito benefits you in every phase of event planning.

2. Increase your productivity

Let us guide you through the entire event setup in minutes: Save valuable time setting up your event, manage and maintain your attendee data in one place and with one platform, and automate manual processes.

3. Individualise your appearance

Create personalised websites, invitations and emails in your corporate design and create a consistent event experience in seconds and one event management software.

4. Offer an innovative guest experience

Make a brilliant first impression with an event website in your own design. Surprise your attendees further with a personalised registration process and individual communication. With the innovative virtual event platform from evenito, every guest will be thrilled when your event is held.

5. Traceability of event participants

By means of a software and a professional guest management, organisers keep track of check-ins, real-time attendance lists, programmes and much more.

6. Collect event data in real time

Use data intelligence to optimise your events: Benefit with the help of a software from intelligent data analysis from past events and improve your ROI.

7. Build a hybrid event experience

Connect attendees digitally & physically with easy integration of video streams, break-out workshops and hybrid networking everything in one platform.


Setting up an event takes several hours, days and even weeks and creates a lot of stress. With evenito's event management tool, event managers are empowered to create their event in just a few minutes and thus reduce the associated stress to an absolute minimum. With event management software, evenito gives event managers more time for the relevant aspects of event planning and the opportunity to bring people together in a more targeted way.

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