Behind every great event is an even greater guest management tool

Let’s face it, at the heart of every event are guests. With our core guest management functionality, we support you from importing and managing your contacts, to designing tailored emails and even tracking attendee data across events.
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Manage and maintain your guests all in one place

Organise events more efficiently
Reduce manual work and eliminate errors
Gain a real time overview
Have complete control over your guest list
Adhere to the highest security standards
Have your data secured by international certificates
Contact import

Contact import

Say goodbye to spreadsheets

With evenito you don’t have to start from scratch. Import event attendee lists from existing excel files and easily match attributes within the system. Optionally add additional attendees manually directly in evenito. Don’t lose time manually importing contacts and quickly proceed to the truly important tasks.
Manage attendees

Manage attendees

Have complete control over your guest list

Your contact data is one of the most important assets you own as an event manager. Keep track of guest management and sort and filter contacts based on any criteria you choose. Manage contact details individually, gain a real time overview on attendance status and more. We make it easy for you to measure, manage, and message your target audience.


Don’t leave guests hanging with waiting lists

Limit the number of participants of your event while still giving interested guests the possibility to register on a dedicated waiting list. The waiting list is linked to the participant list and automates the registration process.
Historic contact data

Historic contact data

Know your audience from past events

Have access to the historical data of your contacts across all your events. See which events they have already attended, categorise them accordingly and communicate individually if desired.

Security and privacy

Be on the safe side when it comes to security

Manage your customer and organisations data in our secure database, where all your data is stored and secured in Switzerland, and choose between the EU or Switzerland for the location of your email server. Can you feel it already? We take security very serious and all our data centers hold several renowned certificates such as ISO certificate IEC 27001:2013, ISO 22301, and many more.

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Build flexible, targeted and effective email marketing

Customise your appearance
Build emails which catch your guests attention
Track email performance
Understand you email effectiveness and act on it
Make your message count
Personalisation is everything. Individualise each email for your audience
Email Editor

Email editor

Design eye-catching communication emails

Target the right people with the right message with our easy-to-use drag and drop email editor. Add everything from personalised content, dynamic placeholders or even smart registration links. The possibilities are endless. Provide a consistent and on-brand look and feel across all channels and events.
Email templates

Email templates

Ensure a memorable first impression

Use our intuitive email editor to build your own stunning email templates. Reuse them across multiple events and adapt them at any given time. Provide a coherent brand identity across your event website and all of your communication, saving you precious time and empowering you to deliver a professional first impression. 
Measure performance

Measure performance

Access the most important performance metrics

Our tracking dashboard gives you the event analytics you need to understand your email effectiveness and act on it. Measure the success of your email campaign by tracking open, click-through and registration rates. With those insights in mind, adapt to your audience and reach new levels of communication effectiveness.
Fully integrated

Fully integrated

Unleash the full potential of event management

Smart event communication starts with knowing your audience. Target the right people with the right message, add smart links to your email and integrate personalised information to capture their attention. Our guest management tool will help you to connect the dots and drive registration conversion rates like never before.

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