Engage attendees like never before with our event web-app 

Connect your guests with our event web-app before, during and after the event. Achieve higher engagement rates, valuable connections and greater guest satisfaction.

Enhance networking and increase your event experience

Boost guest engagement
Empower guests to network, connect and meet on-site
Gain invaluable insights
Involve guests and learn from their feedback
Keep audiences informed
Provide up-to-date event information in real-time

Event web-app

Provide one single access point

Gone are the days where guests had to print out tickets, open emails for event agendas or download apps for the event. With our event web-app, you can provide all of your information to your guests on any device with no further effort or development.

Participant list

Achieve networking at its best

Provide your guests with the full participant list before, during and after the event; giving your attendees the opportunity to connect faster and build valuable networks across the entire lifespan of your event. Benefit from different privacy features to limit the access exclusively to participants if desired.

Surveys & feedback

Involve guests in your event

Make your guests an integral part of your event. Involve them with live surveys, ask for instant speaker feedback and get invaluable insights with guest polls. With our intuitive event feedback tool, it's never been easier to involve your audience and provide a memorable event experience.

Event program

Keep your guests informed

We know the drill. In almost every event, there are some last minute updates and changes on program or speakers. By managing everything from one tool, we make it easy for you to provide up-to-date and real time event information at any time. Making last minute speaker changes a piece of cake.

Photo gallery

Make event pictures available in real time

Uploading your pictures to your media gallery through the event photo management software tool enables you to make them available to your guests in real time. With our unique photo tagging functionality, you help guests to connect and network more efficiently during and after the event.

Custom design

Provide a consistent design

Make sure your guests experience a consistent and unified online presence through all event touchpoints. Just like your event website, we provide you with the tools you need to customise and tailor the web-app to your brand.

And so much more...

Event information
Keep your guests up to date on the latest event news
Event location
Connect google maps and provide accurate directions
Upload speakers and related pictures or documents
Provide media assets to the press
Event retrospects
Give access to past event memories
Own content
Have the freedom to add your very own content

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