A complete photo management software engineered for outstanding events

Ever wondered how to get your event photos published and sophistically shared? With evenito’s one of a kind event photo management software we make sharing a breeze.

Create an unforgettable experience with photo galleries

Share photos in real time
Provide everyone with lasting memories
Empower post-event networking
Tag participants and let guests connect after the event
Charm guests with live photo streams
Add to your event experience with real time photo streams

evenito tagging app

Tag event participants in real-time

People tagging has become the new standard in social sharing. Tag your participants with the help of our evenito tagging app. Connect the photos from your photographer live in the tagging app where all of your participant data is automatically synchronised. A feature unseen anywhere else.

Guest tagging overview

Track photo tags across participants

Ever hired a photographer but not everyone had a photo taken? With the evenito tagging app those issues belong to the days of the past. Have the complete overview of participant tags on all your attendees and make sure everyone gets the spotlight they deserve.

Individualised sharing

Photo-sharing for modern events

Wow your guests with individualised photo sharing capability. With evenito’s innovative photo tool, you can surprise participants with a customised photo email. Show them all their tagged pictures and provide the possibility to re-share their photos on social media channels during and after the event.

How live photo publishing works

1. Connect
Connect camera & photographer to internet
2. Upload
Upload pictures to our FTP server
3. Tag
Tag photos with evenitos tagging app
4. Stream
Stream pictures to any screen or event website
5. Share
Share photos in real time or right after the event

On-site slideshow

Entertain guests with real-time photo slideshows

Ever wondered what to do with available screens at your event? We have the answer. Use them to share the photos which are being taken at the event in real-time, and keep your audience entertained.

Photo gallery

Start sharing pictures like a pro

There are countless possibilities to share pictures from the event with your guests, but none of them is as easy as evenito. Upload pictures in real time to your very own photo gallery on your event website, or generate an embed code for your own homepage and make your gallery accessible to your audience.


Benefit from advanced access rights

We have designed evenito with the privacy settings you and your customers require. Manage and administer access rights to the photo gallery for your guests, ensuring only event attendees can access the photos. This is what we call modern day sharing.

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