How to make contact tracing events possible again?

The past months have hit the event industry hard. But there are rays of hope: In certain countries, loosening of coronavirus protective measures is either in prospect or has already been implemented. These relaxations give us a first insight into the much discussed new normality.

The business flight was replaced by video conferencing. The teachers learned to teach online and the home office became a matter of course. Live events also became hybrid or 100% digital events.

But what is allowed again today? How do we protect our employees and event participants as soon as the first live events can take place again (even if they are limited)? It is clear that social distancing is the safest solution, whereby "contact tracing" is needed.

What is contact tracing?

Contact tracing is an established method to help prevent the further spread of infections such as COVID-19, and we are now using this approach to target potential clusters which could spark new outbreaks of coronavirus.

With the classic contact tracing method used here, in case of a visitor infected with the coronavirus, the event organiser informs all affected guests. The collected contact data in the registration process and the integrated communication function makes it easy for the organiser to handle such an occurrence appropriately. In addition, the data can be exported and sent to the authorities.

Why is contact tracing important?

The aim of "contact tracing" is to identify persons who had direct or indirect contact with a contact person infected with COVID-19. All persons potentially infected with the coronavirus by the contact person are informed about the existing risk of a possible infection and advised about necessary measures.

How does evenito help:

The coronavirus has spread globally at different speeds and to varying degrees. For this reason, a differentiated decision is made on the strictness of the regulations and whether events should be allowed at all and, if so, with how many participants.

We have further developed our features and created new tools to help you comply with the COVID-19 requirements and thus protect your employees and event participants. evenito gives you orientation in the confusing jungle of protective measures when organising your event:

Before the event

1. Communication

Use templates for quick communication and add personalised content using placeholders and QR codes. For example, send invitations with a link to the registration page of your event website.

2. Event Website

Create an event website in just a few clicks. Just add any information or a security concept in the registration form. Design your registration and its input fields as you like and get all the information you need from your guests.

3. Collect data & import participant data

Get all customer information necessary for contact tracing via registration or import existing participant lists from your Excel files.

4. Subdivision of the event or guests

Keep to the given maximum number of participants and divide the event or the attendees. evenito helps you to divide the guests into different event divisions (workshops, table allocation, sectors, etc.) to handle them individually according to COVID-19 guidelines. So in case of infection only the visitors in the corresponding sector have to be informed.

During the event

5. Check-in

Impress with a 3-second contactless check-in process with our digital check-in function via QR code and evenito check-in app.

6. Event Dashboard

Keep track of your event data and guests at all times, which is especially important for maximum participant numbers. This way you keep a real-time overview of absences, registrations, check-ins and much more.

7. Traceability

Ensure complete traceability of your guests and always be informed where they are at the event.

8. Check-out

As fast and contactless as the check-in was, the check-out is done too. This way you have the number of participants under control and you can see how long and in which period of time the guest was present.

After the event

9. Data access & management

Manage event data and analyse it as required. Guest management gives you a real-time overview of attendance lists, registrations, check-ins and much more.

10. Data export

Export and send participant lists to authorities if necessary. All data is securely stored in our data center in Switzerland, which has several recognized certifications.

11. Delete data

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) gives all participants who register with or interact with evenito new protection rights and ensures better access to your personal data. Accordingly, all guest data can be deleted at any time.

Contact Tracing: Conclusion

Thanks to the contract tracing, events are possible again despite the current situation. From the recording of contact data, to digital check-in/out, to guest management - you need the right tools to set up and implement a protection concept. Contact tracing is intended to help contain the coronavirus, whose importance has been emphasised in any relaxation steps, also by the government. Thus, ensuring traceability is not only an absolutely central point now, but probably also in the future of events - the new norm.


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